Urgent Need to Expand

MAHHA HOUSE 2 - urgent expansion of 16 beds for homeless

Mail a Check

Fairview Housing
P.O. Box 5746
Johnson City, TN  37602


We launched a "GoFundMe" campaign on Monday, November 6, 2017.  

Click to Donate Now!

[CLICK HERE] (https://www.gofundme.com/TheMannaHouse2)  to go to that campaign and make a direct contribution.  Other methods of donations are listed below through out website.

You can make a donation online, by text or by purchasing goods as listed below

Giving Online


You may authorize your bank to allow us to deduct a specified amount from your account without having to write a check. You may also use your debit or credit card, just like you pay bills or make purchases online. It's secure and confidential!

If you'd like to track your online giving and setup recurring donations, click the "View Donor Portal" link in the box below.

TEXT DONATIONS TO:  423.330.1082


1. Text the amount you would like to give to BLR's specific number: 423.330.1082
2. On first time use you will be prompted to visit a secure site.  Once you click the Registration link you will enter your credit or debit card information.  At this point the donation will process.
3. You will see a confirmation text showing your donation and registration were successful.


1) If you only text a monetary value to 423.330.1082 the funds are attributed to the General Fund  (Example:  $50 = General Fund)
2) If you text the amount + fund name the funds will be attributed to that fund.  (Example: $10 LifeSkills)
3) If the fund name you texted does not match a current Cause you will receive a message with a list of fund names for you to choose from.
4) If you text "Funds" to our dedicated number (423.330.1082) you will receive a reply text including a list of the fund names you can choose to donate to.
5) If you text "Help" (423.330/.1082) you will receive a reply text that gives you a brief set of reminder instructions.
6) If you text "Reset" you will receive a reply text that sates:  "Saved card information successfully removed.  Please register your card information again when making your next gift by texting an amount to our dedicated number.

TEXT DONATIONS TO:  423.330.1082


Your online donation is greatly appreciated! You can support Manna House in general or by targeted giving in the priority areas identified below.

1) General Budget: Program services of Manna House
2) Manna House Operations: comprehensive outsourcedmedical, dental, and vision care for our residents
3) Sponsor for One Month: basic cost is $300 per resident
4) Purchase a Bed: a high need currently targeted - $270 each
5) Life Skills & Job Skills Training - $150 per resident
6) Bristol Lifestyle Recovery - a 240-bed facility in Bristol - targeted to reopen Spring 2018


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