Your online donation is greatly appreciated! You can support Manna House in general or by targeted giving in the priority areas identified below.

1) General Budget: Program services of Manna House
2) Manna House Operations: comprehensive outsourcedmedical, dental, and vision care for our residents
3) Sponsor for One Month: basic cost is $300 per resident
4) Purchase a Bed: a high need currently targeted - $270 each
5) Life Skills & Job Skills Training - $150 per resident
6) Bristol Lifestyle Recovery - Advance funding for a 240-bed facility in Bristol we anticipate opening soon!

You can also TEXT MESSAGE your donation to 423.330.1082, a secure easy way to support Manna House. Contribute to one of the Causes or multiple Causes of your choice.

CLICK HERE to go to our safe and secure DONATION Portal.  You will be redirected to this specialized page through our Thrift Store.

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