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The focus of The Manna House is to provide a long-term supportive home for the homeless, those in recovery - men* needing refuge from the storm. The recovery work done at Manna House is the responsibility of the individual member – counseling, and the commitment to the ideals conveyed in the mission statement are the responsibility of the agency. The members learn self-sufficiency and responsibility through their requirement to pay their share of operating costs and by making operational decisions concerning the daily running of the house and the program. Members attend weekly meetings where they address each member’s needs and concerns, as well as house operational issues.

Manna House is a 24-bed facility* providing safe and affordable transitional housing for homeless men focused on improving their current situation and therein their life. All of the residents were chronically homeless, according to HUD’s definition, and generally have addiction, legal problems and mental health issues. Because the residents of The Manna House have accepted the powerlessness of their addictions and have made the conscious decision toward recovery, a high level of accountability and security exists at The Manna House. During their two-year program, residents attend twelve-step meetings (e.g., N.A., A.A., Al-Anon, S.A.A.), and there is a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs.

*Programming is scheduled to expand to a 240-bed facility located in Bristol - "Bristol Lifestyle Recovery" which will serve both men and women.

*Strategic plans exist to expand services for homeless women with children.

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Valerie Brown - Director of Manna House

Valerie serves as the Director and oversees the operations of The Manna House.  Contact Valerie by email:  vbrown@fairviewhousing.org

Bob Garrett - Executive Director

Bob serves as Executive Director of Fairview Housing, the overseeing entity of Manna House.  Bob has decades of service in the world of transitional and supportive housing and has provided a broad spectrum of solutions for the homeless as well as those needing a variety of affordable housing solutions.  Contact Bob at Fairview Housing (bgarrett@fairviewhousing.org) and visit Fairview Housing's website.